Manners in every country are different; what is polite in China or Thailand may not be polite in the USA, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Nigeria or New Zealand. There are however basic rules you can follow and still fit in anywhere in the world.


Below are the basic rules you must follow while you dine:

1. Put the napkin on your lap.

2. Wait until everyone has been served to begin eating.

3. Everyone begins eating at the same time.

4. Do not make sounds when eating.

5. Sit up straight at the table and bring the food to your mouth: do not lean down to your plate.

6. Do not lean on your arm or elbow while eating (as well as before or after eating): you may rest only your hand and wrist on the edge of the table.

7. Try to be friendly with others. If you are a man, you should pay attention to ladies sitting closest to you. Pass the dishes to them, serve them, etc. Equal attention must be paid to children.

8. Hold the knife in your right hand, and fork – in your left hand.

9. Cut large pieces of meat, potatoes and vegetables into bite-size pieces; eat the pieces one at a time.


10. Each time you cut a small piece with the knife, put it into your mouth with a fork.

11. When eating spaghetti, hold your fork in the right hand. Wind the noodles up on your fork: the spaghetti on your fork should be eaten in one bite. It is very impolite to eat half your noodles and allow the other half to fall back on your plate.

12. While eating, remember not to talk with your mouth full of food.

13. When the hostess/host offers you food, give her/him a direct answer; if you refuse the first time, she might not ask you again.

14. At the table, ask others to pass you dishes that are out of your reach. Good _expression to know is: “Please pass me the___________.”

15. When you have finished your meal, place your knife and fork side by side on the plate.

16. Never use toothpick at the table: it is impolite.

17. Before you leave the table, refold your napkin and put it beside your plate.

18. When you are unsure what to do, observe the way your western friends eat in order to avoid mistakes.

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